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Chatham NY Real Estate Office - photo of building as 2 Main St.

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The Chatham NY Real Estate Office of Barns & Farms Realty, LLC sells Chatham Real Estate, Ghent Real Estate, Kinderhook Real Estate, New Lebanon Real Estate , Canaan Real Estate and Austerlitz Real Estate. Chatham’s schools are located in the village as are several other real estate offices: Kinderhook Group, Stonehouse Properties, Beach & Bartolo Realtors and Preferred Country properties. Chatham has more real estate agents per block than any town in Columbia County. Be sure to choose the right one by stopping at Barns & Farms Realty, located conveniently on Main Street in Chatham NY.


Chatham NY Real Estate Office of Barns & Farms Realty, LLC

is located at 2 Main Street, Chatham NY in a historic brick turn-of-the-century building that has over the years housed the County offices, Banks, NYSEG and Taconic Telephone. Be sure to stop and say, “Hello” to our principal broker who lives locally in the adjoining town of Canaan.

Chatham’s early settlers were Dutch, but later Quakers and New Englanders arrived. The Town of Chatham was formed from the Towns of Canaan and Kinderhook in 1795. Contradictory of its current condition or image, Chatham, in fact, was an industrial center of multiple inter-state rail lines in the early 1900s, including the Boston and Albany Line, as well as the New York Central line, from the Harlem Valley.

The north end of the Taconic State Parkway is in the town and Interstate 90 passes through the town. New York State Route 66 and New York State Route 203 intersect in the town.

According to the U. S. Census for 2000, the town has a total area of 53.5 square miles and a population of 4,249, 96% white. The median income for a household is $49,234 and the per capita income for the town is $28,599

Located at 2 Main Street. Or call 800-398-8802 if you have any questions about Chatham or wish to view any of our listings or those of our MLS partners.

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