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hudson ny real estate broker Robert Kavanaugh

Hudson NY Real Estate Broker

Bob Kavanaugh
518 Warren St
Hudson, NY 12529
Cell: 518-821-1512

Hudson NY Real Estate broker covering Columbia and adjoining counties. Bob has been heading our office in Hudson for more than 10 years. He is very familiar with the area and its real estate trends. If you’re looking to buy or sell property in the areas of Hudson, Greenport, Claverack, or Livingston stop in and see Bob at 518 Warren St in Hudson.


About the Areas Bob Covers:

The Town of Hudson has seen an economical and cultural revival in recent years which has driven the property value in the area up. Barring that, the sheer utility of the location makes property in Hudson valuable. With local access to the train line to NYC, the scenic views of being on the Hudson River, and being a major commerce center itself with another one next door in Greenport Hudson real estate is hot.

The Town of Greenport surrounds the Town of Hudson and shares with it the largest shopping area in Columbia County. The difference between Greenport and Hudson is while Hudson is mostly urban, outside the major commercial area Greenport is mostly rural. This can be a boon for someone looking for the perks of Hudson’s commerce center without the hefty price tag that comes with being at the center of things.

Claverack is a quaint rural town, but don’t think it doesn’t have its perks. Claverack is a great place for a secluded getaway, or to raise a family. Claverack is one of the oldest and most historic towns in Columbia County, if fact the first Mastodon tooth was discovered there in 1705.

Livingston is located to the south of Greenport and is mostly a rural area. With a location close to shopping centers in Greenport and Hudson it certainly has it’s perks.

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