Coxsackie Land 9+ Acres Ready to Build 12051

Coxsackie Land 9+ Acres Ready to Build 12051. This is a rare opportunity to own a large parcel of land in the Village of Coxsackie.

Coxsackie Land 9+ Acres Ready to Build 12051. This is a rare opportunity to own a large parcel of land in the Village of Coxsackie. Located on Sutton Place, this 9.856 acre property has mountain views and is bordered by established neighborhoods. Sewer is at street, complete with a designated manhole, and is ready to be hooked into. Municipal water is at street, tapped in, and complete with an 8 shut-off valve. A storm sewer manhole, dedicated to this parcel, is also located at the street. Natural gas and electric lines are at the street.

Coxsackie Land 9+ Acres Ready to Build 12051

Coxsackie NY Real Estate includes the hamlets of Climax, and Earlton. Downtown Coxsackie still retains the appearance of a well-established river community, and in 1980, the Reed Street Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The original industries in Coxsackie were agriculture, dairy farming, and boarding houses. A state correctional facility provides a major boost to the local economy. With its close proximity to Albany, the Village is seeing a resurgence of residential interest. A growing commercial district has appeared West of the Village along Route 9W. The Town includes a portion of the Sleepy Hollow Lake Development.

Coxsackie is in eastern Greene County and it is bordered to the north by the Town of New Baltimore, to the east by the Hudson River. To the south by the Towns of Athens and Cairo and to the west by the Town of Greenville. According to the U. S. Census for 2010, the town has a total area of 38.4square miles and a population of 8,884, 92% white. The median income for a household in the town was $37,830. The per capita income for the town was $16,830.

Originally inhabited by the Mahican Native American tribe, a sub tribe of the Algonquin nation, the first European to build a home in Coxsackie was Pieter Bronck. Pieter built the original section of what is now the Bronck museum in 1663. The 350th anniversary of the Bronck house was celebrated in 2013, and is one of the oldest such structures still intact in New York State.
Coxsackie was officially designated a township by state law in 1788, having previously being designated as a district. The village incorporation came later in 1867.

Coxsackie Land 9+ Acres Ready to Build 12051

The name Coxsackie is said to be derived from a Native American term, and over 350 years has had various spellings: Koxhacking, Koixhacking, and Koxsackie are three of the over 60 different recorded spellings. There are also multiple translations with references to: owls, geese, and aspects of the nearby river. “Hoot of the Owl”, “Place of Owls”, and “Migrating Geese” are a few of these translations. Even the best scholars have not agreed to the exact meaning, but locally, the widely accepted meaning has to do with owls, and the owl has often been used a local symbol.

While the earliest homes were built in what is now West Coxsackie, as evident by the many stones houses still standing, later community growth came in the 1800’s utilizing the Hudson River: Winter ice harvesting, brick making, ship building, metal foundries, and river transportation were the dominant industries.

Present day Coxsackie is 38.4 square miles in size, consisting of the village, and the township(including the hamlets of Climax, and Earlton), and is bordered by the Hudson River, along with the towns of Athens, Cairo, Greenville, and New Baltimore.

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Basic Information

  • Price: $168,500 
  • Property ID: 5100 
  • Town Taxes: 295.08 
  • School Taxes: 729.78 
  • Prop. Class: Vacant Land 
  • Town: Coxsackie 
  • County: Greene