Philmont 4 Family Home 12565

Philmont 4 Family Home. 3800sf 4 unit rental grosses $45,600, new electric services, renovated kitchens, baths, wood floors, newer heating

Philmont 4 Family Home.   3800sf 4 unit rental grosses $45,600, new electric services, renovated kitchens, baths, wood floors, newer heating

Philmont 4 Family

Philmont 4 Family Home

Philmont 4 Family Home

Philmont New York Real Estate is part of Columbia County, which covers 643 square miles, about 20 miles from the east bank of the Hudson River to the Massachusetts border. Philmont and the surrounding areas are agriculturally based with beautiful mountainous landscapes.  Philmont was incorporated in 1892. The community was also known as “Factory Hill” due to the number of wool factories

The area was first settled by the Dutch in the mid-17th century. The Village was Incorporated in 1892, but people were living in this area well before that. From the native peoples that inhabited it during Henry Hudson’s 1609 visit and before, through many small disagreements (the French & Indian War, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, etc.) there were people in the village area, and documented evidence of their military service is to be found.

Records show that people were here when the great Patents were granted in the late 1600s and early 1700s.

The Ellis history of 1878 mentions that George P. Philip first used waterpower to power his mill by building a dam in 1845, creating a 36 acre reservoir. To ensure adequate water in the dry season, a 56 acre ‘Upper Reservoir’ was created a mile or two upstream. It was, of course, the available fall of water — the vertical distance from Barton’s Mill level to Agawamuck Creek (not to be confused with the High Falls) — that first enticed manufacturers to the hamlet. The extent of the fall, and the ability to create diverter dams to distribute the water needed for powering the mills, eventually caused quite a goodly number of these enterprises to be constructed.

Philmont 4 Family Home

The requirements to house, feed, and supply other wants to the workers built up the village. The Harlem Railroad started in 1852. Opening the Post Office in 1858 also helped growth. The Civil War created a mini-boom in the mill village.

Like so many other mill towns in the Northeast, Philmont went through a long period of recovery as mills and textile operations moved out of the area. The exodus of manufacturers is the main reason that so much of the architectural heritage of the area still presides.

Today, Philmont NY Real Estate is in a growing village. It is fast becoming a popular destination. It is close to Hudson, New York and the Berkshires. New York City and the Adirondacks are in easy driving time. Philmont is also an attractive place for new residents and businesses. It has small town charm, geographic proximity and economic revitalization.

The Village of Philmont is two and a half hours north of New York City, three hours west of Boston, and approximately an half hour drive from Albany and Poughkeepsie.

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Basic Information

  • Address: Philmont, NY, USA 
  • Price: $245,000 
  • Property ID: 3662 
  • Town Taxes: 1615 
  • School Taxes: 2879 
  • Other Taxes: 1760 
  • Prop. Class: Multifamily 
  • Town: Philmont 
  • County: Columbia 
  • Contact Agent: David Birch 
  • Agent Title: Broker