Taghkanic 2 Acres Great Building Lot

Canaan Renovated 1800's Farmhouse 4BR2BA. 2500SF home with great construction, 3 floors of living space, new hw heating, submersible well pump and Queechy Lake Rights.

Quiet country location, level, near Copake Lake.

Taghkanic 2 Acres Great Building Lot

Taghkanic 2 Acres Great Building Lot The Town of Taghkanic is in the center of Columbia County, with the Town of Livingston to the west, the Towns of Claverack and Hillsdale to the north, the Town of Copake to the east and the Town of Gallatin to the south.

According to the U. S. Census for 2000, the town has a total area of 40.2 square miles and a population of 1,118 people, 98% white. The median income for a household is $45,804 and the per capita income for the town is $29,850.

Settlement began before 1700 while the region was part of Livingston Manor. The town was formed from the Town of Livingston in 1803 as the “Town of Granger” which originally included the Town of Copake. The first settlement of this town was made during the first quarter of the eighteenth century by Dutch and German emigrants, who were induced by the proprietor of the manor to lease farms from him. The general settlement of this part of the manor did not take place until several years later,–probably about 1750,–though from the meagre records and scant traditions it is very difficult to get anything like a correct, not to say full, knowledge of the first settlers and their settlements.


Taghkanic 2 Acres Great Building Lot

Taghkanic 2 Acres Great Building Lot This town was taken from Livingston, and comprised the present towns of Taghkanic and Copake. It was formed as “Granger,” March 19, 1803. Its name was changed to Taghkanic March 25, 1814, and in 1824 the town was divided, and the eastern part was called Copake. The name “Taghkanic,” which not only designates this town but also the high range of mountains lying along the east border of the county, on the Massachusetts line, is of Indian derivation. On the western face of “Old Tom’s Hill,” in Copake, is a spring of an intermittent character to which the Indians used to resort, when on their hunting excursions, for a camping place.

Throughout the 1900’s multiple dairy farms and orchards dotted the landscape, many of which were self-sufficient. With the construction of the Taconic State Parkway, which reached route 82 in 1957 more commerce came to the area, along with an influx of vacationers to Lake Taghkanic State Park. Today this town, once a remote mountainous wilderness, is an easy 2 hour trip from New York City, and a simple commute to Albany. The majority of residences are now second homes. The name Taghkanic is famous as a result of skillfully crafted baskets made by locals in former years.


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Basic Information

  • Address: Pumpkin Hollow Rd, Taghkanic, NY, USA 
  • Price: $34,000 
  • Property ID: 4531 
  • Town Taxes: 293 
  • School Taxes: 364 
  • Prop. Class: Residential 
  • Town: Taghkanic 
  • County: Columbia 
  • Contact Agent: David Birch 
  • Agent Title: Broker